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Senior Lecturer - Metagenomics School of Biological Sciences


Teaching in 2020

Personal Bio

PhD Victoria University of Wellington | BmedSc (Hons) Victoria University of Wellington

My research to date has been focused on biosynthesis and discovery of bacterial natural products. I obtained my PhD at Victoria University of Wellington in the laboratory of David Ackerley, where I investigated protein-protein interactions in nonribosomal peptide biosynthesis. During my PhD I also developed methods for discovery of biosynthetic gene clusters from metagenome libraries via PPTase complementation. Following completion of my PhD in 2010, I moved to New York to take up a postdocotoral position in the laboratory of Sean Brady at the Rockefeller University. The focus of my postdoctoral research was the development of experimental and computational methods for targeted discovery of bioactive natural products from uncultivated bacteria. Following my postdoctoral research, I returned to New Zealand, and was appointed as a senior lecturer in the school of biological sciences in 2016.

Research Interests

My research group is presently focused on developing and applying metagenomic approaches to discover new drug candidates from uncultivated microbes. We are also interested in secondary metabolite biosynthesis, and the fundamental ecological roles of secondary metabolites, particularly in the context of symbiosis. I am looking to recruit motivated graduate students with a passion for conducting research at the interface of chemistry, biology and computation. Current open projects are:

  1. Exploration of specialized metabolites in marine symbiotic microbiomes using metagenomic approaches
  2. Investigating the diversity and ecological roles of specialized metabolites in the lichen symbiosis
  3. Development of new screening methodologies for discovery of drug candidates from uncultivated soil microbes

Interested students should email a current CV including GPA and summary of relevant skills


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Teaching in 2020