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Teaching in 2020

Personal Bio

PhD University of California, Santa Barbara | A.B. (Hon) University of California, Berkeley

I grew up in southern California and have always had a strong connection with the sea. I completed my undergraduate degree with honours in Integrative Biology at UC Berkeley in 1994, and a PhD in Ecology, Evolution, and Marine Biology at UC Santa Barbara in 1999. I then split appointments as a Postdoctoral Fellow with the Partnership for Interdisciplinary Study of Coastal Oceans (PISCO) and CSULA, and as the first Research and Outreach Coordinator for the Santa Barbara Coastal Ecosystem LTER. I moved from Santa Barbara to New Zealand to 2002 to work at Victoria University of Wellington.

I have served on the editorial boards for Oecologia (2007-2015) and Frontiers of Marine Science (2014-2016). Presently, I serve on the editorial boards for Ecology and Ecological Monographs.

I am a quantitative ecologist, a mentor to my graduate students, an affiliate Faculty Member at the UC Berkeley Gump Research Station, and a Professor in the School of Biological Sciences at Victoria University of Wellington.

For more details about my research programs, information for prospective graduate students, a complete list of publications and full CV, see my lab group website.

Research interests

My research seeks to understand the drivers of change in ecological systems. I am a population ecologist. I use a wide range of quantitative methods to understand how and why populations of organisms fluctuate, increase or decline. My work helps to inform the management of harvested marine species, and predicts how populations will respond to natural perturbations, climate change, and degradation of natural ecosystems. External funding from Marsden, the Ministry of Business, Innovation, and Employment, and the US National Science Foundation has enabled me to maintain active research programmes in New Zealand and French Polynesia, and supports a talented group of graduate students.

For more information, see the research section of my lab group website.

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Shima, J.S., E.G. Noonburg, S.E. Swearer, S.A. Alonzo, and C.W. Osenberg (2018) Born at the right time? A conceptual framework linking reproduction, development, and settlement in reef fish. Ecology 99: 116-126.

Ford, J.R., J.S. Shima and S.E. Swearer (2016) Interactive effects of shelter and conspecific density shape mortality, growth, and condition in juvenile reef fish. Ecology 97: 1373–1380.

Shima, J.S., N.E. Phillips and C.W. Osenberg (2016) Variation in the growth and survival of the tropical vermetid gastropod Ceraesignum maximum is driven by size, habitat and density. Marine Biology 163:84.

Shima, J.S. and S.E. Swearer (2016) Evidence and population consequences of shared larval dispersal histories in a marine fish. Ecology 97: 25-31.

Shima, J.S., D. McNaughtan, and A.T. Strong. (2015) Vermetid gastropods mediate within-colony variation in coral growth to induce a flattened colony morphology. Marine Biology 162:1523–1530.

Noonburg, E.G., A. Chen, J.S. Shima, and S.E. Swearer (2015) Demographic heterogeneity and the dynamics of open populations. Ecology 96:1159-1165.

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Teaching in 2020