Anne Camille La Flamme

Personal Bio

PhD University of Washington | BS MIT

Research interests

My primary research interest is in the immune regulation of disease. In particular, my research focuses on the pivotal role of one specific immune cell, the macrophage, in the regulation of pro-inflammatory diseases such as multiple sclerosis. These studies investigate the factors that regulate macrophage activation to induce or suppress disease. Recent work, in collaboration with other New Zealand and international researchers, is aimed at identifying new therapeutic targets and drugs to treat multiple sclerosis.

Additionally, I am investigating several aspects of schistosomiasis, a parasitic worm infection. This disease affects over 200 million people worldwide, and one of the applied goals of this research is to identify and develop biomarkers that predict the development of severe disease in patients. Finally, in partnership with other researchers in the Allan Wilson Centre, I am involved in elucidating the immune responses of tuatara.

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