Max Baddeley

PhD Candidate in Sociology

Supervisors: Dr Mike Lloyd and Dr Catherine Caudwell

Ethnomethodology and the new sociology of art

Maximilon Baddeley is a third-year doctoral candidate in Sociology at Victoria University of Wellington. His thesis aims to present, evaluate and advance several key epistemological developments within the sociology of art. He argues that ethnomethodology has become increasingly suited to art sociology during the last two decades. Guided by the emergence of a question seldomly pursued, but often requested within art sociology: how are artworks formed by artful social practices? (DeNora, 2014; Kreplak, 2018), the aim of his work is to contribute several empirical case studies of artistic practice to the ‘new sociology of art’ (De La Fuente, 2011). By primarily employing qualitative-based field research methods, such as video-ethnography, Maximilon is in pursuit of analytically describing how a realist plein air painter, an abstract studio painter, and a group of urban sketchers constitute the meaning of their social worlds, and by extension the social character of their artwork. His research may have consequences for both the epistemological development of the sociology of art and the academic pursuit of ethnomethodological analysis more broadly.

Maximilon will present part of his research on behalf of Victoria University of Wellington to the current leaders in the field at the International Institute for Ethnomethodology and Conversational Analysis conference held in Mannheim, Germany later this year. This panel is on referential social praxis and “professional vision” (Goodwin, 2018).