Bonnie Trotter-Simons

PhD Student in Sociology

Supervisors:Dr Jennifer de Saxe and Dr Dave Wilson

Critical feminist understandings of music and resistance

How can music and song be understood in order to re-imagine the scope of how marginalized groups experience staunchness and vulnerability, and agitate for change? How can intersectional feminist dialogue and theory from lived experience shape the way music is understood? Drawing on concepts of critical consciousness, hope, freedom and spirituality, I seek to explore how musical aesthetics, dialogue and relationality can and do form resistance to oppression. I deploy an intentionally critical and feminist lens for making sense of the role of music in journeys to freedom from intersecting institutional and social legacies such as racism, colonisation, misogyny, queerphobia and class inequality. I am interested in dislodging a hegemonic Eurocentric and individualised perception that what is knowable about music and song is inherently limited, instead favouring a more nuanced discourse that music is not merely an object; it can constitute a fluid and relational articulation of radical or emancipatory hope.