Lorena Gibson

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Lecturer School of Social and Cultural Studies


Teaching in 2020


  • BA (Hons), Massey University
  • MA, Massey University
  • GDipArts (Music), Victoria University of Wellington
  • PGDipArts (Development Studies), Massey University
  • PhD, Massey University


I am a sociocultural anthropologist who specialises in the anthropology of development, hope, and NGOs with an area focus on Melanesia, South Asia, and Oceania. My comparative, ethnographic research focuses on the processes of development and social change in urban areas, how social actors relate to the future, the politics of hope and agency, and creative artistic practices. I am currently finishing a book manuscript about how women organise for social change through grassroots-level development initiatives in urban poor areas of Kolkata (India) and Lae (Papua New Guinea). I am also working on a Marsden-funded visual ethnograhic research project, “East Side Orchestras,” that explores the social impacts of NGOs operating orchestral music education programmes in areas of high socioeconomic deprivation in urban Wellington, New Zealand.

Research Interests

  • Anthropology for liberation
  • Development and NGOs
  • Hope and temporalities
  • Youth and education
  • Ethnomusicology
  • Participatory, collaborative research
  • Ethnographic storytelling (visual and written)
  • Research ethics
  • Critical and indigenous pedagogies

Current Supervision

Shanna Bosley, PhD in Cultural Anthropology, “‘We don’t have that here’: Human trafficking in New Zealand” (co-supervised with Catherine Trundle).

Jared Commerer, PhD in Cultural Anthropology, “On Theorising Anthropological Theorising: Deciphering the Context of Discovery” (co-supervised with Brigitte Bönisch-Brednich).

Zahida Jatt, PhD in Cultural Anthropology, “Resisting ‘Retributive Demolition’ and Protecting Pre- Partition Buildings: Community-led Preservation Efforts in Pakistan” (co-supervised with Eli Elinoff).

Rebecca Ream, PhD in Geography, title a work in progress that includes the keywords “Revisioning Arcadian New Zealand Wairarapa/narratives/more-than-human/Pākehā women land producers” (secondary supervisor with Sara Kindon).

Jennifer Shennan, PhD in Cultural Anthropology, “Dancing in Diaspora: Two Wellington dance groups in context of their communities” (co-supervised with Catherine Trundle and Michael Jackson).

Rachel Yates, PhD in Pacific Studies, “Skilled Migrants in the 21st Century: A case study of NZ-Born Pacific Islanders teaching English in South Korea” (co-supervised with Brigitte Bönisch-Brednich and April Henderson).

Jenny Taotua, MA in Pacific Studies, “Riding the K-Pop Wave in the Pacific: The influence of Korean Popular Music on Pacific Youth in Aotearoa, N.Z.” (primary supervisor with April Henderson).

Evelyn Walford-Bourke, MA in Cultural Anthropology, “The Construction and Contestation of the ‘Good’ Beneficiary within New Zealand’s Welfare System” (secondary supervisor with Eli Elinoff).

Completed Supervisions

Annabel Bennett, MA in Cultural Anthropology, “Tourism bisnis and “making ples”: An ethnography of ni-Vanuatu bungalow and tour owners on Malekula” (primary supervisor).

Tarapuhi Bryers-Brown, MA in Cultural Anthropology, “”He reached across the river and healed the generations of Hara”: Structural violence, historical trauma, and healing among contemporary Whanganui Māori” (secondary supervisor).

Olly Guthrie, MA in Cultural Anthropology, “Playing the Game and Pulling the Fingers: Working for and against the Modern University” (primary supervisor).

Rara Larasati, MA in Cultural Anthropology, “Success as social: Exploring young people's understandings of success in rural Java” (primary supervisor).

Shani Luxford, MA in Cultural Anthropology, “An Anthropological Journey of Belonging: Somali Women Re-Imagine Home in Wellington, New Zealand” (secondary supervisor).

Recent publications

Gibson, L. (2017). Pedagogical Experiments in an Anthropology for Liberation. Commoning Ethnography, 1(1), 1-13. doi:10.26686/ce.v1i1.4131

Gibson, L., & Fabish, R. (2017). Moving toward collective responsibility: Beyond Pākehā as ‘punisher’. Counterfutures, 4, 229-240

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Gibson, Lorena. (2016). Bastis as "Forgotten Places" in Howrah, West Bengal. In Globalisation and the Challenges of Development in Contemporary India (pp. 187-208). Springer.

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Conference papers

Gibson, L. (2017). Anthropology Under my Skin. Anthropology in Aotearoa Symposium. Celebrating 50 Years of Anthropology at Victoria University of Wellington.

Gibson, L. (2017). Collaborative ethnographic filmmaking with young people in Aotearoa New Zealand. Shifting States 2017 Conference of the Australian Anthropological Society, the Association of Social Anthropologists of the UK and Commonwealth and the Association of Social Anthropologists of Aotearoa/New Zealand. University of Adelaide.

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Gibson, Lorena.( 2006). Rap and Resistance in Aotearoa/New Zealand. Proceedings of the 2004 International Union of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences (IUAES) Inter Congress Conference, Kolkata, India.

Memberships and Appointments

  • 2017-20, Royal Society of New Zealand Marsden Fund Fast-Start Award for the project ‘East Side Orchestras: Music and Social Change’
  • Member of the Victoria University of Wellington Human Ethics Committee
  • Social Media Manager for the Association of Social Anthropologists of Aotearoa/New Zealand
  • Fellow, New Zealand India Research Institute
  • Member, Association for Social Anthropology in Oceania
  • Member, Oceania Ethnography and Education Network


Teaching in 2020