Jan Jordan

Adjunct Professor
School of Social and Cultural Studies

Teaching in 2020


MA Cant, Dip Crim Auck, PhD Well

Research specialties

Women’s experiences as victims and survivors of rape; police and justice system responses to sexual violence; impact of historical legacies and socio-cultural contexts as barriers to rape reform.


Jan Jordan (previously Robinson) joined the Institute of Criminology as a Research Fellow in 1986. She was appointed as lecturer in 1989 to teach a range of courses before moving on to specialise in gender and crime. Her first book, Working Girls (1991) was the first to present sex workers’ own accounts of their work in New Zealand.

Since then Jan has conducted multiple studies in the sexual violence area, with a particular interest in police responses to women victimised by rape. She has also undertaken research on women’s survival post-rape as well as on feminist self defence.

Current research

Jan is currently involved in multiple studies associated with her Marsden award, Rape, Silencing and Objectification: A socio-cultural analysis of barriers to rape reform. This includes analyses of pornography, women’s magazines, and rape in the news print media, as well as an analysis of police rape files.

Current Teaching

Jan is not teaching in 2018 due to both the final year of the Marsden research and a period of Research and Study Leave.

Selected publications


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Jordan, Jan, True 'Lies' and False 'Truths': Women, Rape and the Police (PhD thesis, Victoria University of Wellington, 2001).

Jordan, Jan, (script-writer and co-director) 'Cut It Out', a short film about self-mutilation and child sexual abuse (Wellington, NZ, 1998), 18 min.

Memberships, appointments and other work

  • Member of the Editorial Board of Violence against Women
  • Member of the Australian and New Zealand Society of Criminology
  • Member of the Academic Advisory Group for the Family Violence Clearinghouse
  • Regular presenter at New Zealand Police Adult Sexual Assault Investigator training courses


  • Royal Society of New Zealand Marsden Research Award, 2014: Rape, Silencing and Objectification: A socio-cultural analysis of barriers to rape reform
  • Literati Club Award of Excellence for the "Most Outstanding Paper" published in Policing: An International Journal of Police Strategies and Management, 2002
  • Victoria University Award for Excellence in Research, 2008
  • Victoria University Award for Excellence in Teaching, 1999