Dylan Taylor

Teaching in 2020


PhD, Sociology
MA, Sociology
Hons, Political Science
BA, Political Science and English Literature


Research specialties

Social movements and activism
Political sociology
Political philosophy
Critical theory

Current research

Contemporary Marxism and anarchism, and how these relate to alternative political projects and contestation.

Critical theory and political organisation.

Dylan recently published a monograph with Palgrave Macmillan, titled Social Movements and Democracy in the 21st Century in which he interrogates the current ‘crisis of democracy’, and the impasse of the Left, through undertaking an in-depth analysis of the Occupy movement.

Recent and forthcoming publications

Taylor, D. (2019). Riots and strikes in Aotearoa New Zealand. Counterfutures, 7, 75-115

Foster, J., & Taylor, D. (2019). Voter turnout decline in New Zealand: A critical review of the literature and suggestions for future research. New Zealand Sociology, 34(1), 1-26.

Stephens, M., Foster, J., Taylor, D., Thomas, A., & el-Ojeili, C. (2019). After 15 March: Responses to the white-supremacist terrorist attacks. Counterfutures, 7, 11-25.

Cox, L., & Taylor, D. (2018). Struggles from below in the twilight of neoliberalism: Interview with Laurence Cox. Counterfutures, 6, 151-173.

el-Ojeili, C., & Taylor, D. (2018). The Revaluation of All Values: Extremism, The Ultra-Left, and Revolutionary Anthropology. International Critical Thought, 8(3), 410-425. doi:10.1080/21598282.2018.1506262

Taylor, D., & Foster, J. (2018). Non-voters in the twilight of consensus politics. In N. Jaques, L. Johns, J. Roberts, J. Somaiya, & S. Walsh (Eds.), Everything’s Fucked: But the point is to go beyond that. Berlin: Gloria Books

Taylor, D. M. (2017). Sociology from Aotearoa New Zealand: Activism and Academia. Global Dialogue: Magazine of the International Sociological Association, 7(3).

Taylor, D. (2017). Social Movements and Democracy in the 21st Century. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.

Jackson, M., Taylor, D., & Thomas, A. C. (2017). 'We have come too far not to go further': Dylan Taylor and Amanda Thomas interview Moana Jackson. Counterfutures, (4), 27-51.

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Taylor, D. M. (2017). Movements, Party, State. Economic and Social Research Aotearoa.

Taylor, D. M. (2016). Editorial: A resurgent left. Counterfutures, 2, 9-20.

Taylor, D. (2016). Review essay: ‘The Coming of the Communist Party: Reflections on Jodi Dean’s Crowds and Party and its relevance for Aotearoa’. New Zealand Sociology, 31(6), 96-119.

el-Ojeili, C & Taylor D. (2016). ‘Across and Beyond the Far Left: The Case of Gilles Dauvé’. Rethinking Marxism, 28 (2), 187-203.

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Taylor, D. & Grey, S. (2015). From ‘Class-Struggle to Neoliberal Narratives: Redistributive movements in Aotearoa New Zealand’ [abridged]. Labour History Project, August Bulletin.

Taylor, D & Grey, S. (2014). ‘From Class Struggle to Neoliberal Narratives: Redistributive movements in Aotearoa/New Zealand’, New Zealand Sociology, 29 (3), 69-89.

Recent conference presentations and invited talks

2017. The non-voter, social movements and the party. Respect Existence or Expect Resistance: Sociological Association of Aotearoa New Zealand 2017 Conference. University of Otago

2016. Reclaiming the Extreme: Badiou, communization, and political struggle today. Sociological Association of Aotearoa New Zealand Conference. Napier.

2016. Movements, Party, State. Economic and Social Research Aotearoa Symposium: New Forms of Political Organisation. University of Auckland,

2016. ‘Crafting a Post-Capitalist Agenda for Aotearoa’. Public talk co-presented with Sue Bradford, National Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies Seminar Series in association with Sociology, Gender and Social Work, Otago University, Dunedin.

2016. ‘Social Movements and Parties: possibilities for change in Aotearoa’. Paper presented at Sociology seminar series, Otago University, Dunedin.

2016. ‘Occupy, Democracy, and Enduring Change: The strategic shortcomings of contemporary activism’. Paper presented for Sociology honours students, Otago University, Dunedin.

2016. ‘Further Discussions on the Party’. Workshop, co-hosted with Sue Bradford, Kotare Summer School.

2015. ‘Figures of Extremism: A Critique and a Counter-Proposal’, co-presented with Chamsy el-Ojeili, Sociological Association Aotearoa New Zealand Conference, Waikato University, Hamilton.

2015. ‘Post Occupy Politics: The Party and the Communist Horizon’. Social Movements, Resistance and Social Change II Conference, Auckland University of Technology, Auckland.

2015. ‘From Class Struggle to Neoliberal Narratives: Redistributive movements in Aotearoa/New Zealand’, co-presented with Sandra Grey (online), eSocSci Social Movements Network.

Memberships, appointments and other work

  • Member, editorial board of Counterfutures
  • Researcher, Economic and Social Research Aotearoa

Teaching in 2020