Sociology graduate a staff member at Spark

Hamish McDonald-Bates

Although I do not directly use what I learned to earn a wage my degree was a vital part in getting my job.  Having a BA degree in Sociology showed my employer that I could grasp complex concepts, meet deadlines and articulate myself clearly with logic and reasoned argument.

I never expected to work for Spark, especially not in IT and at first navigating my way through was a challenge, but it was as rewarding as academic pursuits and now I am one of the senior members of my team.

Working for Spark as a company, though a commercial organisation, promotes some really great values as I believe that New Zealand's best way forward is through better advancement of technology.

Studying sociology at Victoria University of Wellington was one of these best experiences of my life.  Getting to know my tutors and lecturers as well as growing close to other students was rewarding and intellectually stimulating.

My greatest regret today is running out of time and not being able to complete a Masters degree.  As an older student in the program I had the joy and pressure of becoming a father in my finally year, this caused some financial pressure on me and I was forced to look for a job to support my family on.

To anyone considering studying at Victoria University of Wellington I would say grab it with two hands, be bold, work hard and don't be disheartened by rejection. There are opportunities out there for you, sometimes you just need to break the walls of doubt you have built around what you "can or can't do". With a degree from Victoria University of Wellington you have shown the world of your capability, use that to strive.