Associate Professor Trish Keeper

Teaching in 2020


Associate Professor Trish Keeper teaches and researches in the areas of Corporate Law, Securities Law and Corporate Governance. Trish is an active researcher who regularly publishes and presents at academic and professional conferences on current issues in corporate insolvency law, company law and corporate governance. Trish has presented for the New Zealand Law Society and Brookers She was the Insol International Scholar for the Asia Pacific Rim for 2009-2010.

Trish is also currently undertaking collaborative capital markets research on board composition and other corporate governance practices of New Zealand listed companies.


Trish is a member of the following professional bodies

  • Insol International (Academic Group)
  • Corporate Law Teachers Association (New Zealand representative on Executive)
  • Australasian Law Teachers Association
  • Corporate Law Association of New Zealand (CLANZ)
  • New Zealand Institute of Directors
  • Accounting and Finance Association of Australia and New Zealand (AFAANZ)

Selection of publications

The New Order of the Phoenix’, New Zealand Business Law Quarterly, March 2008, pp 21-36.

Working Paper for Centre for Accounting, Governance and Taxation Research with Aik Win Tan “Institutional Investors and Corporate Governance: A New Zealand Perspective, October 2008.

‘Shareholder Approval of Fundamental Change; An Analysis of s 129 of the Companies Act 1993 (NZ)’ (2008) Journal of Australasian Law Teachers Association (JALTA), 33-43.

‘Minority buy-out rights’ (2009) New Zealand Law Journal, 45-6.

‘Shareholder approval of major transactions: a consideration of the objectives, operation and failure of s 129 of the Companies Act 1993’ (2008) 14 Canterbury Law Review, 1-23.

‘A Quantum of Certainty: Quantification of liability for reckless trading—certainty at last? (2009) Insolvency Law Journal 17(2).

‘Governance of New Zealand superannuation schemes: a mixed scorecard’ in “Contemporary Issues in Corporate Governance “ edited by Susan Watson and John Farrar, published by the Centre of Corporate and Commercial Law which is based at the School of Law, University of Canterbury (forthcoming).

“Property that Moves: Security over Moveable Personal Property and Cross-border Enforcement” INSOL International Technical Series Issue No 13, published July 2010.

“Codes of ethics and corporate governance: A study of New Zealand’s listed companies” paper was presented at Corporate Governance Symposium in April 2010 at University of Auckland and has been accepted in a forthcoming edited collection of presented papers to be published by Edward Elgar UK (forthcoming).

‘Three Years on and what have we learned so far? Voluntary Administration in New Zealand’ Insolvency Law Journal (2011) (forthcoming).

Teaching in 2020