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Teaching in 2020


Associate Professor Becher has earned his LLM and JSD from Yale Law School, and his LLB (magna cum laude) from Tel Aviv University. He specializes in economic and behavioral analysis of law. His research has been widely published or is forthcoming in journals such as American Business Law Journal, Law & Contemporary Problems, Boston College Law ReviewConnecticut Law Review, Wake Forest Law Review, Cardozo Law Review, Tulane Law Review, University of Michigan Journal of Law Reform and Michigan Telecommunications and Technology Law Review. Dr. Becher won various awards for excellence in research and teaching. He has designed and taught a variety of courses in the areas of contract law, consumer protection law, law and economics, law and psychology, law and happiness, decision-making, and negotiation and conflict resolution.

Professor Becher has been also involved in public service. He has served as a member of the Israeli Form Contract Tribunal (Jerusalem district court) and as the head of the Dispute Resolution Institute of the "Public Trust" organization – an Israeli non-profit organization that works to promote a fair consumer-business environment. In addition, he has founded and headed a consumer law clinic in cooperation with the Israel Consumer Council. Prior to pursing his graduate studies professor Becher clerked for Chief Justice (Rt.) Aharon Barak at the Israeli Supreme Court.

Selection of Publications

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Teaching in 2020