Professor Roger Willett

Teaching in 2020


Professor Roger Willett was awarded his PhD by the University of Aberdeen in Scotland in the UK, having studied economics as an undergraduate. Before joining Victoria University of Wellington he was a professor at the Tasmanian School of Business and Economich, had worked at the universities of Aberdeen, Wales (Aberystwyth, UK) and the ANU (Canberra, Australia), and previously held Chairs at the University of Otago and Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, Australia.

Roger's main interest is in accounting measurement and using accounting data in economic modelling, with a focus on return and risk, with published research in international journals on topics ranging across mathematical theories and models of accounting measurement, applied econometric analysis of capital markets, auditing, statistical modelling of operational systems in management, and cultural and religious aspect of international accounting.

His sponsored research includes collaboration with engineers, statisticians, management academics and professional and includes studies of the legal aid system in Queensland, and the management of medical funding.

Selection of recent publications

Clout V.J., Willett R.J. (2016). Earnings in firm valuation and their value relevance, Journal of Contemporary Accounting and Economics, 12, (3) pp. 223-240.

Clout V., Willett R. (2015). Analysing the market-book value relation in large Australian and US firms: Implications for fundamental analysis and the market-book ratio, Accounting and Finance, pp. 1-24.

Lewis R.L., O'Donovan G.M., Willett R.J. (2015). The effect of environmental activism on the long-run market value of a company: A case study, Journal of Business Ethics, pp. 1-22.

Colin A., Lambrineas P., Weir T., Willett R.J. (2013). A statistical activity cost analysis of a fleet scheduling problem, in Amadi-Echendu J.E., Brown K., Willett, R.J., Mathew J. (eds),Engineering Asset Management Review, Springer,  London.

Teaching in 2020