Associate Professor Carolyn Fowler

Teaching in 2020


Dr Carolyn Fowler is an Associate Professor in the School of Accounting and Commercial Law. Her research focuses on strategy and management accounting, the use of information technology in accounting, the accounting profession and education, and accounting history with a particular emphasis on accounting and accountants in colonial New Zealand. She has researched these areas with colleagues in New Zealand and internationally.

Carolyn is Joint Editor of Accounting History, on the editorial board of the Journal of Accounting and Organizational Change, and Pacific Accounting Review. Her teaching areas include undergraduate and postgraduate management accounting, accounting history, and accounting systems information.

Selection of publications

Bui, T.B., & Fowler, C.J. (2017) Strategic responses to changing climate change policies: the role played by carbon accounting.  Australian Accounting Review, (Online - 24 November 2017 -

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Teaching in 2020