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Deputy Director Robinson Research Institute



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Dr Rod Badcock has 24 years research experience in manufacturing process monitoring and control and materials sensing.

He has a MSc in industrial measurement systems from Brunel University, London. His doctoral research was on sensing of fatigue damage and incorporation of sensing methodologies in aerospace composites.

As Deputy Director of the Centre for Photo-analysis and Photo-manipulation of Materials at Cranfield University, England, he implemented health and condition monitoring techniques including; embedded sensing for residual strain in composite manufacture, measurement of resin mix and cure in filament winding, ultrasonic inspection of composites, and automated optical analysis.

At the Royal Aerospace Establishment (later DRA, then DERA) he was a team leader in the Structural Materials Centre primarily focussed on composite aerospace structures and materials. Dr Badcock has developed volume production lines for optical fibre components within a start-up company and lately developed automated superconducting cable manufacture.

He specialises in the management of complex engineering projects, including customer-focussed multi-disciplinary projects such as:

  • Management of complex engineering projects. This includes customer-focussed multi-disciplinary projects such as electrical switchgear short circuit modelling, distribution transformer health assessment, wave energy converters for US Department of Energy and New Zealand-based construction, General Cable Superconductor production challenges and Siemens SC generator cables.
  • Sensing, control and automation systems and embedded intelligence, manufacturing process development, and problem solving.
  • The development of high temperature superconducting cables for power system applications including 1 MVA transformer, 60 MW hydro generator and 150 MW utility generator. Focus on the processing, development of automated production processes and engineering into customer specific application requirements.
  • Multi-disciplinary integration of composites, materials technology and instrumentation.
  • Application of new technology into Advanced Fibre Reinforced Composites for extreme environment challenges.

Rod enjoys working with multidisciplinary teams, particularly incorporating undergraduate and postgraduate mentoring into the projects. His efforts have led to multiple IPENZ and IET award-winning projects. He is also the postgraduate and the safety coordinator for the Robinson Research Institute.