Dr Nick Strickland

Dr Nick Strickland profile picture

Principal Scientist Robinson Research Institute


Dr Nick Strickland manages the wire development programme. His specialities include:

  • superconductor wire development
  • development of improved critical currents in YBCO thin film coated conductors
  • use of metal-organic deposition (chemical-solution deposition) for thin film growth.

He also has experience in the following areas.

Critical current measurements in superconductors

  • measurement of critical currents in superconducting wires and thin films using inductive or transport measurements
  • development of a cryogen-free system for measuring transport measurements up to high currents (hundreds of amps) and in low temperatures and high magnetic fields, and with variable field angle

Optical and infrared spectroscopy

  • infrared spectroscopy of transition-metal oxides including HTS cuprates, half-metal alloys and rare-earth nitrides
  • infrared, optical, laser-excitation spectroscopy of rare-earth doped insulating materials for all-optical signal processing and memory applications
  • spectroscopy in a cryogenic environment
  • lasers for spectroscopy—gas lasers, tunable dye lasers, tunable Ti:sapphire lasers, external-cavity diode lasers

Software development

  • instrument interfacing, modelling and data analysis using Labview, Matlab, and Visual Basic

High vacuum systems

  • rotary, diffusion and turbo pumps


  • operation and maintenance of cryogenic equipment
  • handling and cryostats for liquid helium and liquid nitrogen
  • superconducting (LTS and HTS) magnets
  • integration, operation and maintenance of cryocoolers