Dr James Storey

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Scientist Robinson Research Institute


Dr James Storey received his PhD in physics from Victoria University of Wellington in 2007 for his thesis entitled ‘Electronic structure and thermodynamic properties of high-temperature superconductors’.

His specialities are in the following areas.

Sample synthesis

Polycrystalline Bi-2212, Y-123, Y-124, Tl-2201 and NCCO cuprate high temperature superconductors, including oxygen isotope-substituted and magnetically grain-aligned samples.

Experimental techniques

Differential specific heat, thermopower, SQUID magnetisation, AC susceptibility, resistivity, X-ray diffraction and Raman spectroscopy.

Computational modelling

Lattice and electronic specific heat, electronic Raman spectra, diffusion thermopower, superfluid density/penetration depth, magnetic susceptibility/NMR Knight shift, optical conductivity, quasiparticle interference, single and multiband self-consistent solutions of the BCS gap equation.

Programming languages

Proficient in Java, C++, Turbo Pascal and LabVIEW, familiar with QBasic, Visual Basic, Perl, Python and HTML.

Software development

Graphical user interface design, automated instrument control and data acquisition, data analysis, numerical calculations and modelling.