Dr Fiona Stevens McFadden

Fiona Stevens McFadden profile picture

Principal Engineer Robinson Research Institute


My technical expertise and interests lie in the following areas:

  • demand response—its aggregation and participation in electricity markets
  • model-based control
  • system identification (to build predictive mathematical models of dynamical systems from measured data, plus optimal design of experiments to collect informative data)
  • time-series data analysis
  • aluminum smelting (theoretical and practical technical knowledge), including reduction cell modelling, design and validation, operation and control.

I also have substantial experience in research and development project management and team leadership, and in the development, transfer and implementation of new technologies.

My 24-year career has spanned commercial, industrial and research sectors. I have worked for Callaghan Innovation and Industrial Research Ltd, EnerNOC (a demand-side aggregator in the electricity industry), Comalco Research (in aluminum smelting industrial research and technology development) and have also been an independent aluminum smelting industry consultant.

I have a PhD in chemical and materials engineering from the University of Auckland.