Dr Arvid Hunze

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Dr Arvid Hunze is author or co-author of six peer-reviewed journal articles, nine reviewed conference proceedings and more than 100 patents in 20 patent families, in organic electronics and X-ray detection.

Research interests

Science and engineering experience

  • magnetic materials and sensors
  • organic electronics: LEDs and photovoltaics
  • multi-crystalline materials
  • inter digitated sensors for measurement of fluids
  • lighting and display applications and standards
  • New Zealand electricity system
  • renewable energy technologies especially photovoltaics (materials, cost and production processes)


  • spectroscopic measurement methods (absorption, photoluminescence spectra and decay)
  • thin film processing and measurement (spin coating, screen printing, profilometry, ellipsometry, laser ablation)
  • display and lighting measurements
  • ceramic and semiconductor materials processing
  • Ansys Maxwell3D FEM simulations
  • simulations of grain growth in multicrystalline materials


Arvid has more than 10 years’ experience in applied research and development at Siemens, in the cooperative technology and renewable energy business unit. This work included materials and applications research and development, technical project management, assessing renewable technologies using economical and technical processes and competitor analysis. He is fluent in German and English.