We have developed close connections and working alliances with global and national colleagues with aligned values and missions.

We work with our sector partners to co–design, deliver, and evaluate restorative initiatives that promote the prevention and resolution of harm. We facilitate national and international collaboratives, and partner with government agencies, community groups, and individuals to grow the evidence base around what works, for whom and why across the sector.

The Health Quality & Safety Commission

Health Quality & Safety Commission New Zealand logoThe Health Quality & Safety Commission aims to improve the quality, safety and experience of care for people using health and disability services. We work with consumers and whānau, the health and disability workforce, providers and other agencies. We believe how we work is as important as the work that we do.

Restorative practice encourages open, respectful communication with everyone affected by a harmful event. When harm occurs everyone must feel safe to take part in the review. They must have an equal voice as we together seek to understand what happened, address the needs of those harmed, and learn for future improvement. Restorative practices have strong alignment with te ao Māori worldviews such as reconciliation, reciprocity and whānau involvement.

Our Memorandum of Understanding is intended to capture the spirit of partnership and collaboration between the Health Quality & Safety Commission and Te Ngāpara Centre for Restorative Practice. It recognises the shared aspirations and intentions of both to socialise and implement restorative practice within the health and disability sector.

You can read more about the Commissions work on restorative practice.