Expert advice, design, consultancy

Trained mediators and restorative justice providers are available to work directly with clients in conflict.

Preventing and addressing harmful events

As a publicly funded institution, we can provide free, confidential and expert advice on an as-needed basis. Where substantive work is required (such as the development of novel applications of restorative practice, new restorative initiatives, or a design-test-evaluation model) we can provide consulting services. Recent clients inclue Gymnastics Australia and the Australian National Sports Tribunal.

All staff in the Centre are trained mediators and/or restorative practitioners and able to work with clients in conflict. Please contact Everard Halbert ( for further information.

Or by emailing or phone on +64 4 463 7421.

EARS Te Rauawa

We manage and deliver the Employee Assistance Resolution Services (EARS) Te Rauawa for the University.

Restorative University

Inspired by efforts undertaken in restorative schools, Te Herenga Waka—Victoria University of Wellington has taken steps to become a 'restorative university'.