Documentaries highlight vital experience

Leading Te Herenga Waka—Victoria University of Wellington researchers are showcased in a new film and podcast series.

‘Water—Rapuhia, kimihia: Quest for knowledge’ is a documentary film series that highlights the work of three leading New Zealand researchers as they dedicate their lives to illuminating and protecting different aspects of one of our most precious resources.

Each episode—and an accompanying podcast series—demonstrates the passion, ingenuity and resilience of these Te Herenga Waka—Victoria University of Wellington academics producing research of vital importance to New Zealand and the world.

The series has been made by Magpie Content Creation with the support of NZ on Air. The films are directed by Magnolia Lowe and the podcasts are produced and presented by Teresa Cowie.

“At a time when many have lost faith in expertise and feel overwhelmed by fake news, conspiracy theories and armchair experts, ‘Water—Rapuhia, kimihia: Quest for knowledge’ puts the value of scientific research front and centre,” says Ms Lowe.

“As New Zealand emerges from the constraints of COVID-19 and the discussion shifts to how we choose to reset the economy—and our priorities—the documentaries and accompanying podcasts form a vital part of the conversation.”

In the series, Dr Mike Joy, a Senior Research Fellow in the Institute for Governance and Policy Studies at Wellington School of Business and Government at Victoria University of Wellington, takes his research team into the field to bring new data to the discussions about our fresh water; Tim Naish, a Professor in Earth Sciences in the University’s Antarctic Research Centre, presents on the world stage new research on sea-level rise; and Professor Catherine Iorns from the University’s Faculty of Law explores legal protection of our rivers and waterways.

Episode 1: Fresh Water and accompanying podcast featuring Dr Mike Joy.

Episode 2: Sea Level Rise and accompanying podcast featuring Professor Tim Naish.

Episode 3: Rights & Responsibilities and accompanying podcast featuring Professor Catherine Iorns.