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Find more stories about the exciting and important work of researchers across many subject areas at Victoria University of Wellington.

Dr Sally Riad

Exploring leadership through Cleopatra

Wellington School of Business and Government’s Sally Riad often uses ancient Egypt as a way to examine management issues.

Simon Hinkley

New drugs through good science

The Ferrier Research Institute’s Simon Hinkley examines the role carbohydrates play in our lives, and uses for nature’s microbes in natural products and drugs.

Associate Professor Michael Macaulay, School of Government.

Fast rise through the ranks of ethics research

Michael Macaulay's research in public administration has a focus on ethics and has included an investigation into culture change in the New Zealand Police.

Professor Mengjie Zhang

Learning from nature to create the future

Team work has helped make Victoria University of Wellington a global hub for research into artificial intelligence, says Mengjie Zhang.

Associate Professor, Azra Mooed

Assessment at the expense of learning

‘If it’s not being assessed, is it being taught?’ asks respected science educator Azra Moeed.

Dr Rhian Salmon

Bridging divisions between science and society

When it comes to the environment— ‘We need to move on from communicating with people to engaging with them, which is much deeper,’ says Rhian Salmon.

Dr Conal McCarthy

Solving real-life problems in museums

Conal McCarthy wants to do research that helps people—examining the care of indigenous objects, museum practice and the mix of Māori and European ideas.

Dr Nessa Lynch

Balancing state needs with individual rights

Youth justice and DNA sampling are two of law researcher Nessa Lynch's areas of focus.

Professor Norman Gemmell, Chair in Public Finance

Examining tax behaviour

Award-winning economist Norman Gemmell’s research aims to create tools to analyse and predict how people will respond to tax and welfare changes.

Professor Jenny Ritchie, School of Education

Helping the young find their voice

Once Jenny Ritchie completes her research into how children can be active citizens, she wants to work on improving their ability to articulate emotion.

Karsten Lundqvist, Senior Lecturer, School of Engineering and Computer Science

Creating new worlds online

There are many reasons to use gaming to teach computer programming, says Karsten Lundqvist, including that they are lots of fun.

Associate Professor Yvette Tinsley, School of Law

Evidence for court reform

Yvette Tinsley is driven by a strong sense of social justice in her research into criminal law, sentencing, and law and forensic science.

Associate Professor Jo Smith, School of English, Film, Theatre and Media Studies

Exploring the impact of Māori Television

The channel has contributed to political and cultural revitalisation for Māori and shaped notions of nationhood, says media researcher Jo Smith.

Dr Huw Horgan, Senior Lecturer, School of Geography, Environment and Earth Sciences

Understanding the white continent

Antarctic researcher Huw Morgan works in one of the world’s harshest environments, examining changes in ice sheets and the connection with climate change.

Dr Deirdre Brown, Senior Lecturer, School of Psychology

Studying the secrets of childhood memory

Courtrooms, hospitals, classrooms and many other areas of life benefit from Deirdre Brown’s research into how children recall events.

Professor Ilan Noy, Chair in the Economics of Disasters, School of Economics and Finance

Building our resilience

Ilan Noy, thought to be the world’s first professorial Chair in the Economics of Disasters, examines lessons from events such as the Christchurch earthquakes.

Associate Professor Meredith Marra, Head of School, School of Linguistics and Applied Language Studies

The secrets of workplace conversation

Meredith Marra’s research helps people, from chief executives to migrant workers, improve the way they communicate in the workplace.

Dr Jim Murphy, Lecturer, School of Music

Rise of the machines

Music lecturer Jim Murphy creates mechatronic and robotic instruments that expand the universe of musical possibilities.

Associate Professor Ivy Liu, School of Mathematics and Statistics

Creating fairer tests and surveys

Mathematics researcher Ivy Liu uses categorical data analysis to improve tests and surveys so they are fairer and more accurate.

Professor Richard Hill

Influencing our view of the past

Richard Hill’s research has focused on policing in New Zealand, Crown-Māori relations and the history of our security intelligence service.

Anne La Flamme, Professor in Immunology and Cell Biology

Walking a glass bridge toward discovery

Immunologist Anne La Flamme’s research at the University's Malaghan Institute looks at new treatments for Multiple Sclerosis—from antipsychotics to worms.

Associate Professor Karl Löfgren

Analysing the analysts

Karl Löfgren has been examining how policy analysts work, and delving into public sector autonomy.

Tree Blight

Getting to the root of tree blight

Microbiologist Monica Gerth leads a multi-institutional team tackling the disease that threatens kauri with extinction.

Professor James Renwick

Raising awareness through public engagement

Meet two Victoria University of Wellington academics making significant contributions to public debate on climate change, and tax and welfare policy.

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