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The University has hundreds of research staff working at the forefront of knowledge, including many renowned experts who are world leaders in their field.

Discover some of the inspiring stories behind the ground-breaking work of our researchers. Read about how their research addresses local, national or global challenges, the impact it’s having, what drives them, and how they came to be a researcher in the first place.

Dr Van Jackson, School of History, Philosophy, Political Science and International Relations

The foreign policy ‘hustler’

An expert in politics and security in the Asia-Pacific, Van Jackson has been an advisor to the US government and now shares his insights with the world.

Amazing Grace

What began in childhood with his family’s Sinclair ZX81 home computer led to James Noble co-creating a new computer language called GRACE.

Listening to voices missing from the debate

Socially engaged research is important to anthropologist Catherine Trundle who is currently exploring the effect of the housing crisis on women.

Dr Jason Young, School of History, Philosophy, Political Science and International Relations

Living between two worlds

New Zealanders need to move beyond seeing China just in terms of trade says Jason Young, whose research aims to deepen our knowledge of the emerging superpower.

Mamari Stephens, senior lecturer, School of Law

Te reo Māori—a language of law

Law lecturer Māmari Stephens was delighted when the Dictionary of Māori Legal Terms she co-led became a valuable resource for the Māori Language Act 2016.

Associate Professor Leon Gurevitch

Mapping a digital landscape

Leon Gurevitch’s design research builds bridges between disciplines and includes exploring the migration of Hollywood visual-effects artists.

Associate Professor Joel Colón-Ríos, School of Law

In defence of democracy

Joel Colón-Ríos explores the need for a New Zealand constitution in a ‘post-truth’ world of alternative facts and fake news.

Charlotte Macdonald with 'Victoria and the Birds' by Greer Twiss

From dairymaids to soldiers

Charlotte Macdonald’s research has focused on the history of New Zealand women and on the troops who fought in our bloody 1860s Land Wars.

All featured researchers

All featured researchers

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