Global governance and the emergence of global institutions for the 21st Century

Dr Augusto Lopez-Claros of the Global Governance Forum asks, “Is there any hope for those who despair at the state of the world and the powerlessness of governments to find a way forward?”

Dr Augusto Lopez-Claros is Executive Director of the Global Governance Forum, a Swiss-based non-profit foundation. He gave a presentation at the New Zealand Centre for Public Law on the subject of "Global governance and the emergence of global institutions for the 21st Century".

In his presentation, Dr Lopez-Claros provided ambitious, but reasonable, proposals designed to give our globalised world the institutions of international governance that it needs to address catastrophic risks facing humanity that are beyond national control.

He said his solution would be to extend to the international level the same principles of sensible governance that exist in well-governed national systems: the rule of law, legislation in the common interest, an executive branch to implement such legislation, and courts to enforce it.

In Dr Lopez-Claros’s view, the best protection is unified collective action based on shared values and respect for diversity, applying widely accepted international principles to advance universal human prosperity and wellbeing.

Watch a video of the presentation.

About the speaker

Previously, Dr Lopez-Claros was a Senior Fellow at Georgetown University. He is an economist who has held a number of senior roles over the past three decades, as Director of the Global Indicators Group at the World Bank, Chief Economist of the World Economic Forum, and International Monetary Fund representative in Moscow during the 1990s.