Samuel Clack

The Explanation of Depression.


After completing his undergraduate degree in neuroscience and psychology, Samuel went on to join the clinical programme at Victoria. In 2016, he completed an honours thesis exploring task-switching paradigms in brain-tumour patients. Samuel is currently a doctoral candidate in the School of Psychology at Victoria. His research addresses theoretical issues in the explanation of psychopathology, with a specific focus on the classification and explanation of depression.


Bachelor of Science (Honours)
Diploma for Graduates (Psychology)

Research Interests

Theoretical Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Cognitive Neuropsychology


Clack, S., & Ward, T. (2019). The Classification and Explanation of Depression. Behaviour Change, 1-15. https://doi:10.1017/bec.2019.4

Ward, T., & Clack, S. (2019). From symptoms of psychopathology to the explanation of clinical phenomena. New Ideas in Psychology, 54, 40-49.

Ward, T., Clack, S., & Haig, B. D. (2016). The Abductive Theory of Method: Scientific Inquiry and Clinical Practice. Behaviour Change33(4), 212-231.

PhD Topic

The Explanation of Depression.