Molly Fisher

Determining the role of power and gender in men’s resistance to seek support.

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Molly Fisher

Molly Fisher

PhD Student
School of Psychology


Molly is a doctoral candidate in the School of Psychology at Victoria University of Wellington. After completing her Honours project with Dr Matt Hammond in 2016, looking at ambivalent sexism and romantic attachment, she developed a particular interest in the relationship between sexism, gender and power. Her doctoral research examines how hostile sexism is shaped by power concerns and whether these dynamics influence people’s decision to seek support. Molly is also part of the Clinical Psychology Programme at VUW.


BSc (Biology) 
GDipSci (Psychology)
BSc Hons (Psychology)

Research Interests

ambivalent sexism, interpersonal power, gender, help seeking, mental health

Fisher, M. I., & Hammond, M. H. (2018). Personal ties and prejudice: A meta-analysis of romantic attachment and ambivalent sexism. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin.

PhD topic

Determining the role of power and gender in men’s resistance to seek support


Senior Lecturer in Methods and Statistics
School of Psychology

Acting Dean of Science


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