Maggie Shippam

The Health and Wellbeing of Young Adults with ADHD

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Maggie Shippam

PhD Student
School of Psychology


Maggie has worked within the youth work sector since 2011 and is passionate about improving the wellbeing and outcomes of rainbow and neurodiverse/disabled young people in their community. More recently, Maggie turned their attention towards advisory work as well as conducting research in those areas. During their time as a psychology student, they focused both their directed independent study and honours thesis on the psychological wellbeing of adolescents with long-term health conditions. Now as a PhD candidate, Maggie is interested in investigating the health and wellbeing of young adults living with ADHD in Aotearoa as Maggie was diagnosed when they were a young adult.


BSc and BSc Hons (1st Class)

Research Interests

Youth Wellbeing, Rainbow Mental Health, Neurodiversity, Community-led Research

PhD topic

The Health and Wellbeing of Young Adults with ADHD


Professor of Psychology
School of Psychology

Associate Professor · Co-leader Digital Mental Health Catalyst
School of Health


Youth Wellbeing Study- Directed by Professor Marc Wilson

The Youth Wellbeing Study has now been integrated into the wider Social Justice and Wellbeing (JAWS) lab, which you can find here.