Laura Anderson

Children's Understanding of Shared Knowledge


Laura finished her Bachelor of Science with Honours in 2017 and is now pursuing doctoral study at Victoria University of Wellington. Her thesis is combining her love of working with children and a growing love of research in the field of Developmental Psychology. Laura's research focuses on what children understand about knowledge, how different people or groups can share knowledge, and how this can affect other cognitive abilities including perspective-taking. When she isn't studying, Laura enjoys playing music and volleyball.


BSc Hons, Psychology

Research Interests

Developmental Psychology, Social Cognitive Development, Theory of Mind

PhD topic

Children's Understanding of Shared Knowledge



Infant and Child Cognition Lab - Directed by Alia Martin

At the Infant and Child Cognition Lab at Victoria University of Wellington, we are interested in how babies and children think and learn about the world around them.

Studies are tailored to be fun for children of all ages! Infant studies (birth to 24 months) are designed so that you are always with your child while he or she participates in a short activity, like watching a video or playing with toys. Child studies (2 years old and up) are fun, simple tasks in which children may hear a short story, play a game, watch a video, and answer questions.