Johannes Karl

Mindfulness: Determinants and Effects.

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Johannes Karl

Johannes Karl

PhD Student
School of Psychology


My PhD is rooted in my Master’s project that examined the effect of ritualistic behaviour on stress recovery. From there I became interested in other rituals, such as mindfulness. I am interested in establishing the effects and determinants of mindfulness and how it is situated in the wider context of ritual literature. Besides my PhD work I am actively working on method development for cross-cultural comparisons and novel approaches to data, such as recurrence quantification analysis.


MSc (First Class Honours) in Cross-Cultural Psychology
BA in Business Psychology

Research interests

Rituals, Mindfulness, Stress, Nature Connectedness, Values, Personality, Research Methods

Personal research website

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PhD topic

Mindfulness: Determinants and Effects


Professor of Psychology
School of Psychology


Mind Culture and Evolution Lab - Directed by Professor Ron Fischer

The Mind Culture and Evolution Lab's goal is to examine the interplay between the human mind, our behaviours and the culture within which we are living. We use evolutionary approaches to understand human behaviour across different levels of explanation (from basic physiology and neuroscience to social and cultural dynamics).