In Kuk Kim

Effective communication for pro-environmentalism.

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In Kuk Kim

In Kuk Kim

PhD Student
School of Psychology


Inkuk completed his undergraduate degrees in Australia and his Master’s degree in South Korea. He also worked as a public affairs officer at ROK AFOC (Republic of Korea Air Force Operation Command). He is interested in strategic communication to prevent and solve diverse social issues (eg., climate change and intercultural relations). Specifically, he is investigating the effectiveness of incorporating values for communicating pro-environmental messages across different cultures.


BSc(Hons) in Psychology
MA in Social and Cultural Psychology

Research Interests

Cross-cultural Psychology, Environmental Psychology, Social Issues, Norm, Value, Attitude, Strategic Communication.

PhD topic

Effective communication for pro-environmentalism


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Taciano Milfont

Senior Lecturer in Methods and Statistics
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Centre for Applied Cross-cultural Research

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Environmental Psychology Lab

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