Chris K. Deak

Gender attitudes and the paradox of gender inequality


Chris holds a BA and a MA in the Study of Religion from University of Szeged, Hungary, and conducted research at Masaryk University in the Czech Republic supported by the CEEPUS Scholarship. She is currently a final year PhD Candidate in Psychology at Victoria University of Wellington. Her thesis examines how people’s agreement (or rejection) of traditional gender attitudes are linked with their biological and psychological wellbeing.


BA in Study of Religion and Philosophy
MA in Applied Study of Religion

Research interests

Gender inequality, relationship dynamics, sexist beliefs, system justification, division of labour, religion, evolution, research methods


Deak, C.K., Hammond, M.D, Sibley, C.G, & Bulbulia, J. (in prep). Benevolent Sexism is Associated with Individuals’ Fertility Rate

Deak, C.K., Hammond, M.D., Sibley, C.G,, & Bulbulia, J. (under review). Comparing Cooperative Gender Beliefs: Religiosity, Benevolent Sexism, and Gender Specific System Justification Weakly Predict Division of Labor

Nikhil, S., Hammond, M.D, Deak, C.K., & Hewstone, M. (under review). We protect, you serve: Ambivalent sexism and violence against women in India

PhD topic

Gender attitudes and the paradox of gender inequality


Lab Association

Romantic Relationships Lab , Principal Investigators: Dr Matt Hammond and Emeritus Professor Garth Fletcher

The Romantic Relationships Lab examines challenging questions about love and human relationships.