Becky Bloore

Creating a General Emotion Regulation Measure.


Becky completed her undergraduate degree at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge, UK. After being awarded the Victoria Doctoral scholarship, Becky is currently undertaking her PhD in New Zealand. She has previously worked as a statistical advisor for Hons, Masters and PhD students within the department and a Research Assistant for Professor Paul Jose. She has worked in a data management role on a Marsden project within the university. She has also gained a range of experience in Tutoring roles during her time here.


Psychology BSc(Hons)

Research Interests

Becky’s research is focused on identifying individual differences people may experience when processing positive and negative emotion and how that can impact mental wellbeing.

PhD topic

Creating a General Emotion Regulation Measure.



Positive Psychology Lab - Directed by Paul Jose

Historically Paul has been interested in how children and adolescents cope with the problems in their lives. He assesses stress, coping, and adjustment and examines their interrelationships at one point in time or longitudinally. Recent research has expanded to include issues of cross-cultural and cross-national investigations of how adolescents cope with stressors. Recently he has been turning to issues of positive psychology and positive youth development. Much of Paul's current work focuses on savouring and happiness. He also has a strong interest in methodological issues in general, and statistical moderation and mediation in particular.