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Emeritus Professor School of Psychology


Cert.Soc Sci. & Admin (London), MA, CRS, PhD Victoria University of Wellington, DHC (Reims)


I joined the University long ago with a background in the probation and prison psychology service, and I went on to develop interests in student counselling, clinical psychology and psychiatry. The combination led me to undertake applied research in Antarctic isolation, developments for Volunteer Service Abroad, and psychological stress in response to crises of various kinds. It even involved research into Beatlemania when the 'fab-four' came to New Zealand in 1964 - I only mention this because I've just had a request from a post-graduate musician in Canada who wants to replicate the study about the effects of music on audiences.

If that research sounds a bit ancient, I should say that I have only just discovered that my 1955 Master's thesis on personality deterioration and imprisonment was cited in 2002 in a review to a US Welfare agency, and I have also just had a request from the Judge Baker Clinic at Harvard for all the data from my 1965 PhD on the evaluation of group psychotherapy for them to include in a meta-analysis it is conducting.

The book that I have edited on justice as a basic need is also due out very shortly, and I have been invited to take a plenary session on the topic at the forthcoming World Congree of Victimology and Victim Assistance at the end of August in Orlando, Florida.

There is no end to the challenges that lie ahead of anyone undertaking studies in the rich research field of psychology.


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