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Book Chapter(s)

Reese, E & Neha, T. (2017. In Press). Promoting Identity Development Through Memory NarrativesinThe Importance of Play in Early Years Education: Psychoanalytic, attachment theory and developmental perspectives in Charles, M. (Ed). United Kingdom: Taylor and Frances.

Reese, E., Tamoepeau, M. & Neha, T. (2014). Remember drawing on the cupboard? New Zealand Māori, European and Pasifika Parents’. Conversations about Children’s Transgressions in Talking about Right and Wrong: Parent-Child Conversations as Contexts for Moral Development in Recchia, H. & Wainryb, C. (Eds). United Kingdom: Oxford Press.

Neha, T. & Morrell, B. (2003). Bicultural Research and Issues for Evidenced-based Practice in Research as a Resource for Evidenced-based Practice. Liberty, K. & Miller, J. (Eds). (pp 213-226). Palmerston North,New Zealand: Dunmore Press.

Refereed Journal Articles

Krageloh, C. & Neha, T. (2010). Taking pride in Te Reo Māori: How regular spelling  promotes   literacy acquisition. Journal of New Zealand Studies in Applied Linguistics, 16, 66-76.

Krägeloh, C. & Neha, T. (2014). Lexical Expansion and Terminological Planning in Indigenous    and Planned Languages: Comparisons Between Te Reo Māori and Esperanto. Language Problems and Language Planning. 38:1, 59-86.

Mclean, J.A., Strongman, K.T., and Neha, T.N. (2007). Psychological distress, attributions and coping. New Zealand Journal of Psychology, 36, 85-92.

Reese, E., Myftari, E.,McAnally, H., Yan, C., Neha, T., Wang, Q., Jack, F., & Robertson, S. J. (2017).Telling the Tale and Living Well: Adolescent Narrative Identity, Personality Traits, and Well-being Across Cultures. Child Development. 88:2, 612-628.

Reese, E. & Neha, T. (2015). 'Let’s Kōrero (Talk): The Practice and Functions of Reminiscing among Mothers and Children in Māori Families. Memory.

Reese, E., Yan, C., McAnally, H., Myftari, E., Neha, T., Wang, Q. & Jack, F. (2014). Narratives and Traits in Personality Development Among New Zealand Māori, Chinese, and European Adolescents.  Journal of Adolescence, 37:5, 727–737.

Treharne, G. J., Richardson, A. C., Neha, T. N., Fanning, N., Janes, R., Hudson, B., Judd, A.,   Pitama, S. & Stamp, L. K. (2017). Education preferences of people with gout: Exploring differences between Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Peoples from rural and urban locations. Arthritis Care & Research. D.O.I. 10.1002/acr.23272.

Van der Meer, J., Scott, S. & Neha, T. (2010.). Retention of first-year Māori students at university MAI Review, 2, 1-14.

Refereed Journal Articles

Neha, T. (2017). Whānau Māori and Western methods towards kōrerorero and learning. 10th Educational Psychology Forum. Rutherford House, Pipitea Campus, Victoria University of Wellington, Wellington.

Neha, T. (2017). Invited symposium for CACR Fellows. Taking tikanga home. Asian Association of Social Psychology Conference. Massey University, Auckland.

Neha, T. (2017). Māori Families Recollections and Social Contributions to Children's School Readiness. Society for Community Research Action Conference. Ottawa, Canada.