Taciano Milfont

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Associate Professor
School of Psychology

Taciano is interested in the application of psychological theories and research methodologies to understand and address social issues. His primary research interests are at the interface of social psychology, environmental psychology, and cross-cultural psychology, and he have close links with scholars in these areas within New Zealand and internationally.

His more specialised interests are on the content, structure, and function of psychological constructs such as human values, psychological time, self-construals and pro-environmental attitudes, and how they influence behaviour; and on policy-based research to promote ecological behaviours and health and wellbeing. His research has been supported by the Royal Society of New Zealand (Marsden), Wellington City Council and other externally-funded grants.

Taciano is a Deputy Director of the Centre for Applied Cross-Cultural Research and a researcher of the New Zealand Attitudes and Values Study.


BA UNICAP, MSc UFPB, PhD University of Auckland

Environmental Psychology Lab

Taciano leads the Environmental Psychology lab, visit the lab’s website for more information on their current research.


  • 2016 Research Excellence Award, Victoria University of Wellington
  • 2013 GV Goddard Early Career Award - Achievement and Excellence in Research and Scholarship, New Zealand Psychological Society
  • 2010 Early Career Research Excellence Award, Victoria University of Wellington
  • 2009 Interamerican Award of Environmental Psychology, Interamerican Society of Psychology
  • 2008 Young Scientist Award, International Union of Psychological Science
  • 2008 International Networking of Young Scientists Award, British Council of New Zealand
  • 2007 Full Doctoral Completion Award, University of Auckland

Editorial roles

Taciano is a Senior Associate Editor of Environment and Behaviour.

He is also on the editorial board of four other scientific journals:


List of publications