Colleen Ward

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Director, Cross Cultural Programme School of Psychology


Teaching in 2020


PhD Dunelm University


243 million people, more than 3% of the world's population, live outside of their countries of birth with at least 55 million being short term "culture-crossers".

I am interested in the experience and outcomes of cultures in contact ie. acculturation. I am particularly concerned with the factors that facilitate or impede psychological ("feeling well") and socio cultural ("doing well") adaption. As part of the acculturation process, I am also concerned with how individuals negotiate their cultural identity, that is, heritage cultural identities and identity as a member of their new cultural group.

Acculturation is a two way process therefore it is also important to understand how members of the receiving society view and interact with newcomers. As such, topics such as intercultural relations and multiculturalism form part of my research.

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Teaching in 2020