Carolyn Wilshire

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Senior Lecturer School of Psychology


Teaching in 2020

Research interests

Neuropsychology, brain damage, language disorders, cognitive psychology and mental processes, esp related to language


BSc (Hons) Monash University, PhD Cambridge University


Neuropsychology, Cognitive Neuroscience, Language and Cognition

The aim of my research is to advance our understanding of the mental processes that are engaged when we use language, and the neural structures that support these processes. Much of my research focuses on examining language in special populations, such as dyslexia and aphasia (a language disorder that can occur after stroke). I’m also interested in the application of this understanding to the diagnosis and treatment of language disorders.

Recent grants

Marsden Fund Project Grant, “Disorders of Selection and Control in Individuals with Nonfluent Aphasia” (NZD $450,000), 2005-2010. Researchers: Principal Investigator: Carolyn Wilshire; Associate Investigator: Nadine Martin, Temple University, USA.

British Academy Small Research Grant, “Serial position effects in phonological processing”, (GBP £7,000), 2007-2009. Researchers: Carolyn Wilshire (Co-PI) Catherine Hodgson, University of Manchester, U.K. (Co-PI).

Marsden Fund “Fast Start” Grant, “Competitor Blocking in Aphasic Word Retrieval” (NZD $100,000), 2002-2004. Researchers: Carolyn Wilshire (Principal Investigator).


Selected publications


Teaching in 2020