Professor Ann Weatherall

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Professor School of Psychology


Teaching in 2020


BA (Hons) Otago University, PhD Lancaster University

Studies of Social Interaction Team

Ann leads the Studies of Social Interaction Team, visit their website for information on their current research.


My research interest is in language-in-use in social interaction as it can be studied through video and audio recordings of naturally occurring human behaviour.  Working within social psychology I am interested in how self-other relationships manifest in talk which involves addressing topics and issues at the heart of contemporary social science scholarship including age, gender, embodiment, emotion, sexism, social categorisation and violence against women.

My greatest inspirations for my research are Conversation Analysis, Ethnomethodology and Feminism.  I am interested in recent developments that complexify the study of naturally occurring social interaction by considering talk and the body. This work includes an examination of the rich range of multimodal resources (e.g., gaze, gesture and body movements) that participants use to manage social relationships and progress actions.  It has also involved a consideration of how the senses (e.g.,  touch, taste, pain and smell) can be studied from a social interactional perspective.

I have recorded data in a variety of everyday, institutional and workplace settings including telephone-mediated talk, complaint and dispute resolution, delivering social support, medical and psychotherapeutic interactions.


2012 PGSA Supportive Supervisor Award

2009 Fulbright Travel Award. Fisher and Paykel Trust award for travel.

2007 Claude McCarthy Fellowship

2004 Research Excellence Award from Victoria University of Wellington

2011 Diversity and Equity Award

Editorial roles

Board member, Journal of Research and Social Interaction

Associate editor British Journal of Social Psychology

Editorial board member Feminism & Psychology

2008-2014 Co-editor Gender and Language

2009-2013 Co-ordinating editor Women’s Studies Journal


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Teaching in 2020