Courses with Pasifika content

Te Herenga Waka—Victoria University of Wellington offers a significant selection of world-class courses and degrees that contain Pasifika content or have a Pasi

Students have access to a range of courses that explore the history, culture, politics and economics of the Pacific from different perspectives. These are available at pre-degree, undergraduate, postgraduate and post-experience levels.

Pasifika Pathways (Diploma in University Studies) is our one-year full-time diploma programme designed to help you transition to university. If you want to study at university but do not have university entrance or think you might need to gain some more skills first, then this is the right choice for you.

The Pacific Culture and Languages area of study provides a programme that analyses historical and contemporary phenomena through Pacific research methodologies and policy issues, alongside learning a Pacific language. The University supports building a research culture and publications on the Pacific by Pacific and other scholars and also works to mentor groups of young Pacific scholars as our future leaders.

The pre-degree—600 level courses shown here all incorporate elements of Pasifika focus and culture. Students from any school or faculty may be able to incorporate these courses as part of their study.


100 Level

200 Level

300 Level

400 Level

500 Level

600 Level