YMP enrolment

We regret that the New Zealand School of Music will not be able to offer the Programme in its current format in 2021.

The NZSM hopes to be able to offer some youth-focussed events that may take the form of weekend activities as the year progresses. Please email music@vuw.ac.nz if you are interested in being contacted about this kind of event.

Apply to enrol

Students wishing to be considered for the chamber ensemble coaching class are matched after audition recordings are reviewed. Pre-matched groups are welcome to apply.

All enrolments are for the full year, apart from those advertised as being a single module (Composition, Classical Guitar). We accept a limited number of new enrolments mid-year.

Applications are currently not being accepted.

YMP calendar

Jazz and classical classes run for two ten-week modules and composition for eight weeks.

  • Module 1 begins late February 2021.
  • Module 2 begins late July 2021.

See the 2021 YMP schedule of class and concert dates. Classes are subject to change including cancellation.

Classical performance auditions

Auditions are only required for students new to YMP classical performance classes and all chamber ensemble coaching applicants. They ensure the class is the right level for you and to match chamber ensembles. Students applying for STAR (PERF 165) may have other audition requirements.

  • How: you will be sent an upload link to upload your recordings (mp4 format preferred)
  • When: send your recorded audition by 6 February 2021
  • What: prepare two short pieces or movements that total no more than five minutes. Choose pieces that show a range of technical and expressive capabilities at the upper level of your ability. Choose your pieces after talking to your instrumental or vocal teacher.

Please email nzsmymp@vuw.ac.nz with any queries.

Involvement in YMP

Our programme involves bringing young musicians in contact with highly skilled professionals in NZSM’s facilities. Involvement by NZSM staff and other professional musicians brings students into contact with people who may potentially be their teachers at tertiary level, mentors or professional peers. In order to get the most out of this exceptional learning opportunity we ask you adhere to the expectations below. If you are unable to commit to this please contact the YMP Administrator.

Students with the support of their families are expected to:

  • attend all scheduled classes and concerts, for the full year (for the full Module for Composition and Classical Guitar)
  • give notice as soon as possible for unforeseen absences
  • learn parts early in the term so as to work on musicianship and ensemble during classes
  • support other students with attentive listening, supportive feedback and attending concerts.

Contact us

For more information or enquiries about YMP contact the YMP Administrator: nzsmymp@vuw.ac.nz