Lunchtime Concert: Body/Harris Prize

Lunchtime Concert: Body/Harris Prize

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Event type: Music Events

18 September 2020 from 11.45 am - 1.00 pm 18 Sep 2020 11:45 am 18 Sep 2020 1:00 pm

Adam Concert Room

Two musicians playing saxophones

The Body/Harris prize, named after former NZSM academics Jack Body and Ross Harris, is an annual event for the best performance of a New Zealand composition. In this lunchtime concert, the finalists perform before a panel to decide the winner. Our judges this year are Ewan Clark, Debbie Rawson, and Callum Allardice.

Due to the large number of entrants this year, we'll be starting the concert at 11:45am, however, doors will stay open until 12:10pm.


Better Be Home Soon (Crowded House) — Jon Pirini, Jess Deacon, Akash Dutta, Eli Mulheron, Sam McKenzie

Flow (Thomas Moore) — Sistema: Jonty Zydenbos, Theo Hertzig, Thomas Moore, Ciaran Egan, TJ Shirtcliffe, Blair Gowan

Ballad for Ben (Nicholas Baucke-Maunsell) — Nicholas Baucke-Maunsell, George MacLaurin, Seth Boy, Lennox Grootjans

Karaka Point (Kodi Rasmussen) — Kodi Rasmussen, Nina Noble, Lauren Lancaster, Sarah Rathbun, Liam Bewley

White (Micah Thompson) — Megan Robson & Samantha McSweeney

Wild Daisies (Ross Harris) — Simon Hernyak & Liam Furey

Sarajevo (Jack Body) — Vincent Brzozowski

Pacific Rock (Martin Lodge) — Jess Jenkins

Badb (Michael Norris) — Isabella Gregory

Aeolian Harp (Jack Body) — Lucas Baker