Orpheus in the Underworld

NZSM’s production of Offenbach’s Orpheus in the Underworld hit its straps last weekend in the ACR. Sadly, we couldn’t have an audience because of COVID-19 alert level 2 restrictions, but we are ever hopeful of inviting our loyal whanau back when we return to alert level 1.

As soon as Level 3 eased our wonderful director, alumna Georgia Jamieson Emms, and assistant Pauline Ward were able to get back face to face with the students. This meant ten days of back-to-back rehearsals with students dashing off to lectures and work commitments, but they made it. The voice students got together with the orchestra and conductor Martin Riseley for the first stand and sing rehearsal on Thursday 16 September.

Three runs, one with orchestra, followed throughout the day and evening on Friday, and then recordings were made Saturday and Sunday evening.

As there are many versions of the opera, Georgia, Martin, David Barnard, and Wade Kernot made a selection of musical numbers to suit the singers and instruments. Georgia wrote a wickedly funny translation, and peals of laughter and riotous applause resounded, even with an audience limited to the creative team and the voice staff.

It was all great fun and we hope you get to see it soon!

Please see here for more images from the opera.

NZSM Opera Photograph