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Event type: Exhibitions and Performances

8 November 2019 from 6.30 pm 8 Nov 2019 6:30 pm

Wellington Museum

An immersive evening of cutting edge sound art installations and live performance. This is an ‘After Hours’ event created on the back of last year’s successful Aotearoa Arts Festival, which showcases artists working with four-channel loudspeaker configurations. It is for people who want to stimulate their senses, imagination, and experience a dynamic art and music experience that resonates with the soul.

Quadraphonics is an evening of four sound-based artworks by artists and electronic musicians travelling at the outer limits of contemporary sonics. Hanno Leichtmann (Berlin) celebrates the drum-kit in his installation “skin, wood, traps” and with “SY-4”, a performance featuring the rare Pearl SY-1 drum machine. Sally Ann McIntyre (Dunedin/Melbourne), makes contact with ‘imagined pasts and possible futures’ using liminal and obsolete technologies, creating ‘an echoic listening space where there are only variations without originals’. Wellington residents Thomas Voyce (Rhombus Productions) and Amy Jean Barnett (2019-2020 Toi Pōneke/NZSM Sound Artist in Residence) individually attune to human and non-human soundscapes via the original surround-sound medium. Four channel sound, four artists, four auditory imaginations.

6.30pm (Doors 6pm) | Tickets $20

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Discounted tickets for NZSM students to Aotearoa Audio Arts Quadraphonics $10