Dr Manjeet S. Pardesi

Dr Pardesi is director of the Centre for Strategic Studies, and senior lecturer in the Political Science and International Relations programme.

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Manjeet S. Pardesi is a lecturer in International Relations at Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand.

His research interests include causes of war, theories of foreign policymaking, international relations in world history, Asian security, and Indian foreign and security policy. He is particularly interested in issues related to the evolution of India’s grand strategy since independence, China-India relations, US-India relations, and India’s “Look East” policy.

His articles have appeared in the Air & Space Power Journal (USAF), The Fletcher Forum of World Affairs, World Policy Journal, India Review, Asian Security, Defense and Security Analysis, and in several edited book volumes. He has also written commentaries on the revolution in military affairs and on India’s foreign and security policy, which have appeared in The Straits Times (Singapore), The Korea Herald (South Korea), The Indian Express (India), Daily News & Analysis (India), The Times of India (India), and Asia Times Online.

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