Victoria Institute for Links with Latin America

With its growing economy and population of well over 600 million people, Latin America is a region of increasing global strategic importance.

The Victoria Institute for Links with Latin America (VILLA) was established in 2008, prompted by blossoming New Zealand–Latin American political, economic and cultural relationships, rapidly increasing research interests and a growing number of student exchanges.

The Institute promotes and supports interactions by university faculties with counterparts and interested parties in New Zealand and Latin America. The aim is to encourage collaborative research not only on topics relating to New Zealand–Latin American relations and Latin American studies, but across all disciplines and programmes wanting to work in  the region.

Among other activities, VILLA provides a link between Victoria and non-academic institutions such as business for, government and non-governmental organisations concerned with Latin American issues—especially where this stimulates research.

In December, VILLA will be holding the seventh biennial conference of the Council for Latin American Studies of Asia and Oceania, where delegates from more than 15 countries will discuss the theme Navigating the Links between Latin America, Asia and Oceania.