A new constitution

Sir Geoffrey Palmer believes New Zealand needs a modern written constitution that will keep governments accountable.

Sir Geoffrey Palmer and Dr Andrew Butler authors of A Constitution for Aotearoa New Zealand
Grant Maiden Photography

A Constitution for Aotearoa New Zealand, published by Victoria University Press in September, sets out the ideas of former prime minister and Victoria distinguished fellow Sir Geoffrey and co-author and constitutional expert Dr Andrew Butler.

“We aim to provide a model and stimulate the debate,” says Sir Geoffrey.

“New Zealand needs a modern constitution that is easy to understand, reflects our identity, better protects rights and liberties and prevents governments from abusing power.

“The changes we propose are a necessary part of preserving democratic freedom in New Zealand, and of protecting the fundamental principles which anchor public power and strengthen government accountability.”

The Law Foundation supported the book with a grant. To comment on the proposed constitution, visit www.constitutionaotearoa.org.nz