Kelburn, Colorado, California, Hawai’i: Fulbright grants take University graduates to the world

Three Victoria University of Wellington graduates have received Fulbright Graduate Awards.

Danielle Lindsay’s studies at Victoria University of Wellington have been full of adventures, including dropping out of a helicopter to research the impact of the Kaikoura earthquake. Her next adventure will take her to California, to the University of California (UC) Berkley to complete a PhD in geophysics.

Injy Johnstone is a graduate of Victoria University of Wellington’s Law Honours programme. She will go to the University of Boulder, Colorado, to complete a Master’s degree in Law, specialising in natural resources, energy, and environmental law.

Melanie Puka studied Development Studies at an undergraduate and postgraduate level at Victoria University of Wellington and will travel to Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge to complete a PhD in Geography. She will examine how Tokelauan people (both those living in Tokelau and those living elsewhere) conceptualise and perceive their own identities.

All three are recipients of Fulbright Graduate Awards: Danielle is the 2019 Fulbright-EQC Graduate Award in Natural Disaster Research recipient, Injy a recipient of a Fulbright Science and Innovation Award, and Melanie a recipient of a Fulbright General Graduate Award.

The Fulbright-EQC award gives Danielle $70,000 to study earthquakes and slow slip events at UC Berkley. Injy’s Science and Innovation award gives her $40,000 to spend up to a year in the United States pursuing study or research, and Melanie also receives $70,000 towards her studies.

Fulbright New Zealand facilitates educational and cultural exchanges between New Zealand and the United States, offering a range of awards for students, academics, artists, and professionals to study, research, and teach in each other’s countries.

“The Fulbright Programme creates deep people-to-people connections and promotes collaboration between New Zealand and the US. These are lasting connections that contribute to a more peaceful and empathetic world,” says Penelope Borland, Executive Director of Fulbright New Zealand.

Danielle, Injy, and Melanie’s success, alongside other Fulbright award recipients, was recently celebrated at the Fulbright New Zealand Awards Ceremony at Parliament.