Update on Centres of Asia-Pacific Excellence

Programmes and initiatives are being developed as new Centres of Asia-Pacific Excellence become established.

There has been great interest in the Centres of Asia-Pacific Excellence (CAPEs) since the announcement was made in March 2017 that Victoria University of Wellington will host  the Southeast Asia and Latin America CAPEs. The North Asia CAPE is hosted by The University of Auckland, and all CAPEs are part of a consortium, which includes the University of Waikato and University of Otago as well as Victoria and Auckland.

The establishment phase is well underway. This involves the CAPEs setting up systems and processes, establishing a Board and Management Committee and reaching out to key partners, stakeholders and academic staff. They are also developing programmes and initiatives to better equip New Zealanders to do business with the Asia-Pacific regions and to better prepare young New Zealanders to engage with these regions.

In the near future, the CAPEs will be hosting sessions where people interested in their work will be able to ask questions and receive information about the work the CAPEs have planned over the coming months and years. These will also be an opportunity for people to consider how their interests and expertise might fit into the larger framework of CAPEs activities and help shape an innovative approach to better understanding these key regions.

In the meantime, there is general information available at the following links:

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For specific CAPE queries, contact:

Emeritus Professor Rob Rabel, Establishment Director, Southeast Asia CAPE


Dr Matthew O’Meagher, Establishment Director, Latin America CAPE


Anne French, Establishment Director, North Asia CAPE