Meet key support staff

Get to know your whānau on campus. Meet some of the staff who are often the first point of call for students.

Student Recruitment and Orientation

The staff at Student Recruitment and Orientation offer objective advice to help you make the right decisions when planning the first year of your degree. We stock a wide range of publications on Victoria University of Wellington and university life, which we can send out to you upon request. We also arrange visits and discuss your study plans.

  • Tayla Cook

    Tayla Cook

    Maori Liaison Officer, Student Recruitment and Orientation, Student Recruitment and Orientation

Student Learning

Student Learning works with all students from first-year undergraduates to postgraduates. Our professional staff aim to foster successful study and develop independent, active learners.


Each of our four campus libraries provides places to study on your own and in small groups, the facilities to write and prepare assignments, holds the books and journals you need for study and research and has the staff who can help you find, retrieve and use the right resources whatever you are studying.