Prof Regan Potangaroa

Regan's research deals with both the qualitative and quantitative aspects of disasters under the general headings pf Management, Mitigation and Indicators.

Ngāti Kahungunu

Prof Regan Potangaroa

What are your research interests?

My principal research area is in post disaster reconstruction but it is one that includes many areas such as technology, culture and psycho social in addition to the technical aspects related to architecture, engineering and construction.

Tell us about a current research project

The reconstruction of the Vunikavikaloa school in Fiji following cyclone Winston is one example. The Fijian Red Cross Society wanted to assist this school through a community based construction approach. They wanted this firstly for engagement of a community of 32 different villages but secondly to assist an Ethnic Indian community; that generally had been omitted in the post disaster response. However, the Ministry of Education and the Fiji institute of engineers required designing to a much higher wind load of category 5 instead of the code based category 4. Hence it was new territory to both the engineering design community but also for all the contractors. So how could this be achieved using a community approach? Following on from that we are using this construction approach for rebuilding housing for Kaikoura Maori whanau affected by the recent earthquake in November.

What do you enjoy most about doing research?

Research that has meaning and that also makes a difference; what is loosely inherent in "design like you give a damn".

  • Regan Potangaroa

    Regan Potanganroa

    Professor of Architectural Science, Wellington School of Architecture
    Research Areas:
    Post disaster reconstruction and the interface between the technical/technology and those being assisted in the humanitarian arena.